Who (and what) we are

Born from the TorchTech UnMeeting, Space Tours is a collaboration tool allowing for face to face and interspatial interaction among IT professionals at NYU. In its simplest form,  Space Tours involves a tour guide giving a tour of their workspace to tourists.

The Space Tours team is made up of NYU IT professionals from central IT as well as school units:

  • Eddie Tan, Silver School of Social Work
  • Jordan Genee, College of Nursing’s Clinical Simulation Learning Center
  • Sehna Rostom, ITS Client Services
  • Stefanie Ploof, Gallatin School of Individualized Study
  • William Lem, Stern IT Enterprise Operations


Our mission

We strive to foster collaboration and shared problem solving through the touring of IT professionals’ workspaces throughout New York University’s Global University.

How it all works

The Space Tours team handles everything except giving the tour! We request that tours be given, make sure permission for the tour has been secured, schedule a date and time with the tour guide, publicize the event to the TorchTech community, make sure all the tourists are signed up and informed of where the tour starts, and keeps both tour guides and tourists informed of any changes before the tour starts. We also follow up with tourists and tour guides to find out about the tour experience so that we continue improving the tours.

Past Tours

See what tours have been offered through Space Tours!

How to sign up

If you’re interested in giving a tour of your space please visit our Giving a Tour page. If you’re interested in signing up for or requesting a tour please visit our Taking a Tour page.