Session Notes

Following are session notes from the 2014 UnMeeting where available. Notes were taken by attendees and transcribed by either the session note taker, or a member of the UnMeeting planning committee. Please submit corrections or additions to



Session 1

Gamification (Student Learning and User Adoption) Carrie Mantione
Enterprise Mobile Development Van Williams
Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Academic Experience Jie Zhang
News Above the Noise (How to Gather and Share Information Across the Entire University) Kate Monahan
Lateral Communication (Tools to Initiate/Improve…) Joan Maniego
Faculty Job Automation Nick Likos
Project Management Tools for Everyone Nadia
Frameworks and Tools for Modern Web Development Jonathan Rodriguez
Moving Culture From Physical to Virtual
Mobile First Javlon Turdiev
Social Enterprise (The Use of Social (Media) Technologies and Social Collaboration in the Workplace) Bridgette Austin

Session 2

The Death Of MOOCS: What Went Wrong? Cristian Opazo
Direct Altruism With Technology Orlando Fernandez
API’s for NYU Jim Robertson
What Does TorchTech Look Like in 2018? Evan Silberman
Collaboration with Peer Institutions. Establishing Best Practices Jeff Pasch
Process Of Articulation Of ‘’Contract’’ With User (Especially In Social/ Academic Networks) Laura Henze
Cloud Based File Management David Resto
What Is The Future of IT @ NYU?
SDLC And Service Delivery Tricia Khan
Social CRM (Is NYU Listening To All The Chatter About Our School And Various Programs To Help Drive Strategic Decision Making? Vergara Leizel
User Experience Mark Reilly
Direct Altruism with Technology Orlando Fernandez
Service and Policy (Misc) Jodi Goldberg
Predictive Analysis